“There’s a Beaver in My Sugar Bowl” – iPad my studio to go!



My iPad canvas on Procreate
After lots of experimenting I’ve discovered the wonderful world of drawing digitally. Armed with my stylus and iPad I’ve been spending my time riding the ferries drawing and painting (I live on an Island). Normally I read or sleep, probably sleep more then read……..

Not so now! Using an app I purchased very inexpensively a few years ago I’ve been creating finished drawings and paintings. The App is called Procreate and its very powerful and easy to use and once I’m done I can upload my finished creations to my desktop. I’m able to print the image in a variety of sizes on all my usual fine art papers or make it into cards or????? Endless possibilities!

I still will always prefer pencil and paper for my drawing, it takes a lot of getting used to drawing on a slick surface. What I started out doing was sketching my idea on paper then scanning it and saving the image to my iPad. With the initial outline done I can then open it in Procreate and work on the drawing developing it further into a finished piece.

My favourite brushes to use in Procreate are the HB pencil, the Watercolour brush and few of the pen brushes. I work on the picture just like I do with my regular pencil drawings. Building the image gradually, shading, blending and slowly working out the lights and darks. To do this in Procreate you need to lower your brush opacity (first thing I learned) or it will darken to fast. I also had to wrap my brain around the layers palette, using different layers for various elements can help you out later if you want to change something.

I still spend the same amount of time if not longer on a drawing but I really like the “undo” button (it might be my favorite). I’ve also progressed from the large rubber ended stylus to a fine pointed one, it feels more pencil like. My iPad is one of the older ones so the Apple pencil won’t work on it, but my current stylus does a good job.

During the past power outages we had I was able to continue to paint and draw on my iPad, by the time the power came back on I still had 20% power left on my battery. Not bad for close to 2 hours of playing.

There’s a Beaver in My Sugar Bowl” Created during our last power outage . See all my creations so far on my digital products pagehttps://carolinescagel.net/digital-downloads/


                  You can find these pens at most stores selling office supplies or computer accessories, and you can always use your fingers!